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"Divorce recovery coaching lights the way through the fog of uncertainty, fostering resilience and rekindling hope, empowering you to embrace the next chapter of your life with confidence and grace."

Coaching Services

I offer personalized solutions designed to support you during this challenging period in your life. As an experienced professional, I am dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of divorce and providing compassionate assistance to help you regain your footing.


From emotional well-being and financial stability to co-parenting strategies and rebuilding self-esteem, my services aim to empower you to navigate this transitional period with confidence and resilience. Explore the range of services I provide below and discover the tools and resources that will enable you to take control of your future and embrace a brighter tomorrow.

Consultation Call

I understand that during this transition period, you may feel overwhelmed by many pressing issues and decisions.  I would like to create a partnership that takes into consideration the stress and challenges you are facing.

I offer a complimentary consultation to help us find a plan that will fit your needs and to see if we fit.


One on One Coaching

I offer different coaching packages that are designed to fit your needs.  In-person sessions along with phone or zoom options are available to you.  These packages are fluid, as the divorce process is also fluid. I would like to be your thinking partner to help you keep your emotions in check and focus forward on the business of the divorce.  I look forward to finding the right fit for you and your needs.


Group Support

Group support sessions are available through Zoom/online, as well as in person at a church or other venues.  I use the text Transcending Divorce by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., to guide the discussions and then encourage open dialogue for group support. Stay tuned for future group sessions.

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