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Understanding Divorce Recovery Coaching: An Introduction

Updated: May 1

When first hearing the term "Divorce Coach," many are curious, and perhaps you are too. What is it exactly? I've never heard of a Divorce Coach. How does it work? Can it really help someone heal from the emotional turmoil of a divorce? As someone who has both experienced divorce and later trained as a Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, I can attest to its potential for healing and transformation. Let me share some insights to help you better understand what divorce coaching is all about.

My Journey Towards Divorce Recovery Coaching

Divorce is often one of life's most challenging experiences and not something you ever plan for. I know it was for me. The end of my marriage left me feeling lost, overwhelmed, like a failure, and emotionally drained. Even with the support of friends and family, I felt alone and wasn’t sure where to turn for real guidance. But I found solace and, eventually, healing in the form of a divorce coach. My coach helped me stay the course when my emotions would get more intense. She helped remind me of the end goal and how I was capable of getting through.

What is Divorce Recovery Coaching?

In simple terms, divorce coaching is a personalized form of support aimed at helping individuals navigate the complex emotional, psychological, and sometimes financial aspects of divorce. It's a process that involves working with a trained professional who can guide you through the stages of healing and recovery pre-divorce, during, and post-divorce. The coach helps you find answers to your questions through resources, explores your options with you, and offers an objective ear as you go through the divorce process.

As a coach, I bridge the gap between you and your professional divorce team and help you prepare for the business of divorce. I help you become a credible client and save money along the way. Here’s how I can help walk you through this process…

  • We work together to get you organized and efficient.

  • We work on communicating your goals effectively.

  • We practice sound communication skills and reasonable expectations.

  • I help hold you accountable even when the going gets tough.

  • I help you prepare for mediations and hearings.

  • Working together, we will lay the groundwork for a life you'll love.

The Power of Divorce Recovery Coaching

You might be wondering, why opt for a divorce coach? Can't friends and family provide the same support? While it's true that the support of loved ones is invaluable during a divorce, a coach brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table, and an objective ear.

As a divorce recovery coach, I have undergone specialized training to understand the intricacies of divorce and its aftermath. I am equipped with strategies and tools to help you shift your perspective from one of being a victim to a renewed sense of self-esteem to be able to deal with stress, enhance your coping skills, and build a healthier and happier present and future.

Moreover, the coaching process is client-centered. This means that your unique needs and goals drive the process. We work together to establish your objectives, whether it's improving communication with your ex-spouse, co-parenting effectively, working through your options of asset division, exploring how you will be able to support yourself, rebuilding self-esteem, or finding closure.

In Conclusion

The pain of divorce is real, but so is the potential for healing and growth. Divorce coaching is not a magic pill, but it can be a lifeline, offering guidance, support, and a path to recovery. As someone who has walked this path, I can assure you that there's light at the end of the tunnel. You don't have to walk this journey alone – a divorce coach can be your steadfast companion, helping you heal, grow, and reinvent your life after divorce by truly discovering YOU again.


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