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Divorce Recovery Coach

Divorce Coaching for Moms

Divorce Coaching With Christin Becker

I understand that taking the first step toward recovery and growth in divorce can be daunting. But remember, you're not alone in this journey.

Getting Started

Understanding who to confide in when you're in pain can be challenging, and I completely empathize with that. That's precisely why I provide a free initial meeting. It's an opportunity for us to discuss your hardships, get acquainted, and plan a way forward for you. Simply follow the link below to secure a slot in my schedule directly. Don't worry, there's no commitment, I'm friendly, and this might just turn out to be the best choice you've made all week.

About Me

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

CDC Certified Transition and Recovery Coach® 

I was a stay-at-home mom for 22 years and worked in our family business. After 27 years, I had the courage to walk away from an unhealthy marriage.  Staying is hard, and leaving is hard.  Choose your hard.  I can help you find the courage and get your confidence and your sparkle back.

As a Divorce Coach, I specialize in working with women who have been in a long-term marriage and now need to develop the confidence and courage in order to move through their divorce in the most organized, time-efficient, and constructive manner. My approach to divorce coaching is one that provides clients with guidance and compassion through a difficult time in their lives, clearing the way for healing and helping them gain financial security and stability for themselves and their children.

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Why the dragonfly? A dragonfly is a symbol of change, transformation, and self-realization. It teaches us to love life, rejoice, and have faith despite difficulties.

What I Specialize In

Navigating emotional turmoil

Effective co-parenting strategies

Equitable asset division guidance

Rebuilding self-esteem post-divorce

Establishing healthy communication patterns

My Blog

Divorce Coaching Locally and Nationally

The women I help are located in California and throughout the nation. Don't live in California? No worries—I also provide virtual coaching!

California Cities: San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Grover Beach, Orcutt, Buellton, Atascadero, Avila Beach, and so much more!

No matter where you are located, the emotions of divorce are universal.  I’m here to help wherever you are located.  

Sunrise on Nature

"Embrace the power of change, for it is within transformation that we rediscover our strength, resilience, and the path to a brighter future."

Divorce coaching helped me find inner peace during a difficult time. I now feel empowered to face the future with confidence and optimism." 

- Sam

“My coach's guidance made navigating the divorce process smoother than I ever imagined. Their support and understanding made all the difference."

- Olivia

“Thanks to my divorce coach, I've developed effective co-parenting strategies and rebuilt my self-esteem. I'm truly grateful for their compassionate approach."

- Jonelle

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